Ah, foldable gadgets! An idea as old as time, a concept as revolutionary as the touchscreen, but an execution as difficult as sending humans to Mars. Sooner or later though, it has to come to fruition, and there are only two companies prospectively capable of pulling it off.

Samsung could ultimately get a crucial head start on arch-rival LG in terms of flexible smartphone production, but 2016 doesn’t look like the year of Youm materialization either. Instead, ET News reported last Friday, a groundbreaking 5-inch handheld/7-inch tablet convertible is to hit stores “from next year”, after entering mass production “by end of this year.”

Friday of course was April 1, so you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a hoax here, but if the story is a fake, it’s a pretty boring prank. After all, the 2017 ETA and two fairly predictable display diagonals are the only new things speculated.

Besides, we were hoping for a little more flexibility than a wallet-like design seamlessly folding your 7-inch Galaxy slate into a 5-inch Galaxy phone. That probably means none of the other components are bendable, just the screen to a certain degree, so the technology is yet to advance to a point where it enables virtually unbreakable devices.

Still, this first step towards malleable Samsung smartphones has to be made one of these days, and if we have roughly another year to wait, that’s not so very bad, is it?

Source: ET News

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