How to get Chat-Heads-like, Halo-style floating notifications without a custom ROM (video)

Some of the notifications that you receive are very important, others? Not so much. Telling the difference between the two requires you to pull down your notification shade, and dismiss your unimportant notifications in the hopes that you can find your important ones. Chat-Heads and other floating notifications try and tell you who it is that’s trying to contact you quicker and easier so you can determine if it’s the important contact that you’ve been waiting for — or something less important. Up until now you’ve had to have either Facebook Home, a custom ROM, or a rooted device to enables this type of functionality.

Floating Notifications

Today we’ll go hands-on with an app called Floating Notifications that you can run on your unrooted, standard ROM today!

The version of the Floating Notifications app that we showed off in this video is version Alpha 4rc1. You can pick up a copy from the XDA thread. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can even change it up with themes (follow the link to the themes thread below for more information).

As with anything “alpha”, there are a few known issues, and even a usability bug in some Samsung ROMs that causes notifications to be spoken to you, rather than just displayed in the Floating Notification bubble. Overall, if you’re not using Facebook Home, aren’t running a custom ROM, and either don’t have or don’t want to ROOT, Floating Notifications gives you a pretty convenient way to see who’s trying to contact you.

UPDATE: Floating Notifications is now available in the Play Store.

Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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