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Apple iWatch could be first flexible-screen smartwatch

By Stephen Schenck October 1, 2013, 10:49 am

Apple’s smartwatch has been the subject of rumors going back months and months, and while we’re always hearing new ones, they never do seem to take us anywhere closer to seeing some hard evidence of this project. In that sense, it’s been similar to the environment surrounding rumors of a PureView Lumia, long before we ever heard the number 1020; like that device, will this so-called iWatch also eventually emerge to impress, or have we just been chasing our tails here? Well, the iWatch rumors continue on, at least, and the latest to cross our desk has a little to say about screen technology.

Before Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear, rumors suggested that the company might finally employ its long-in-development flexible OLED technology to give the watch a bendable display. It clearly didn’t, but now rumors are claiming Apple might be the one to actually follow-through on such a move.

Unfortunately, this rumor doesn’t get much into specifics, and there’s no suggestion of who might manufacture such a component for Apple. We also get word that Apple is working on three different iWatch sizes, with 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5-inch displays. Given the tiny differences there, we can’t imagine that the company would actually release all three models, and may just be evaluating them. The 1.5-inch version, at least, has reportedly already been manufactured as a prototype.

Source: Chosunlibo

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