The grand experiment that was the original Google Glass may have come and gone, but work continues behind the scenes on a next-gen wearable that could finally help Google realize its head-mounted tech dream. We’ve already a heard a bit about where Google sees Glass going next, as well as the new Project Aura home for future development, but so far details haven’t revealed a ton as to what we can actually expect from the hardware. One recent rumor suggested Google could be considering a screenless model, while the latest to come to out attention brings the screen back, while changing just about everything else.

Rather than building a Glass that’s a headset, or a solid component that clips on to existing glasses, a newly published Google patent reveals a form factor for Glass that’s much more flexible – literally.

The device device in this patent looks a bit like big fitness tracker, consisting of one long, flexible component. Users would wrap the wrap the unit around the side of their head, tucking it behind an ear, while bending and adjusting it to fit the unique contours of their skull.

Google offers a few ideas on just how it might build a flexible headset that would still hold its form well enough to remain in place, and the more rugged build of this design (at least compared to first-gen Glass) might make this look a lot more practical for users engaged in rigorous activity. A Google Glass Sport, anyone?

Source: USPTO
Via: The Verge

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