Flat-screened Samsung Galaxy S8 variant still possible, according to new rumors

Sooner or later, Samsung Galaxy S8 gossip had to come full circle, since there are literally not enough smartphone features in circulation or preparation for every new rumor to tackle a different prospective upgrade, strategy change or design revision.

Bottom line, we’re back to square one after several months of not even questioning whether the “next big thing” would launch in dual-curved and “standard” screen flavors, like its predecessor, or a smaller and a larger “edgy” version.

The “latest” rumors relayed by the generally trustworthy folks over at SamMobile weaken our edged-only GS8 and S8 Plus plan confidence, putting a flat-screened S7 sequel back on the table. It’s unclear however if that still means the bigger model will be called Galaxy S8 Plus, or if S8 Edge branding today returns to the possibility docket as well.

Who knows, maybe Samsung will end up commercially releasing as many as three S8 main configurations of the nearly one dozen varied prototypes it’s reportedly tested in recent months. Either way, the bezels, surrounding flat or curvy displays, should still fade very close to the point of total removal, and a bunch of super-advanced new technologies and specs aim to offer premium, non-exploding Note 7 compensation.

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