Earlier today we looked at a leak discussing Google’s plans for Android Lollipop distribution, which mentioned that system images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 were due out by the end of the week. We wondered briefly if that might mean a stealth Saturday release, but just hours later Google made the files available. Well, we didn’t get formal Android 5.0 factory images for these models, at least, but instead an updated version of the existing dev preview – still a worthwhile download, all the same. And while that new dev preview includes a whole lot of interesting changes (which we’re sure we’ll be talking about over the coming weeks), we wanted to take a moment to point out a very special one, as we see Google include a new Android Easter egg.

You know the one: the secret animation hidden away within the phone’s system settings, accessed by tapping furiously on the Android build number. While the earlier dev preview had a bit of a half-baked filler Easter egg, now that the Lollipop name is official, Google can deliver its complete 5.0 secret surprise, a Flappy Bird clone.

Instead of a bird dodging pipes that look like they were ripped from a Mario ROM, this time you’ve got a little Android dodging -of course- giant lollipops.

Like Flappy Bird itself, the Android 5.0 Easter Egg is fiendishly difficult, but we can’t imagine that’s going to stop a lot of you from wasting far too much time on this distraction. At least, once Android Lollipop starts heading out to more devices, that is. For now, the cost of admission may be a little more annoyance than many users want to go through, but that’s sure to change in just a few weeks as OTA updates start going out for Nexus models.

Source: Android Central

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