A flagship Nokia smartphone could land around June, with SD835, but likely no Zeiss cam

It’s definitely nice to see HMD Global betting big on “pure Android experience” for Nokia’s smartphone resurgence. Meanwhile, the 3310 (2017) is fun, straightforward and cheap enough that it just might work as a nostalgia-evoking backup handset with basic cellular and gaming support.

But make no mistake, most fans of iconic Nokia designs and products are still waiting for a killer new flagship model. This is expected out around June, according to fresh gossip from China, at which point all Snapdragon 835 yield problems should be settled. Probably. Hopefully.

Rumor has it the unnamed hero smartphone will come in two variants, with a “big” and “small” screen in tow respectively, 4 and 6GB RAM options, “at least” a 23MP tally, possibly shared by one of those trendy dual camera setups, full metal jacket, and $580+ starting price. Or, you know, its 4,000+ Yuan equivalent and CNY 4,500+ ($650) as far as compact and large versions are concerned.

Of course, it’s hard not to interpret all this as wishful thinking on the part of anonymous insiders and tipsters in lack of corroborating evidence, with Nokia unwilling to reveal any specifics on its other devices slated for “more announcements coming in 2017.”

Not even the apparent denial of Carl Zeiss imaging technology integrated into future products is etched in stone, as Nokia Mobile stresses on Twitter that “we’ve only just begun”, leaving the door open for any and all speculation.

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