Fitbit is tipped to be working on rolling out a new feature that will detect snoring and noise by its devices. The Snore & Noise Detect feature will allow Fitbit’s microphone (in devices that have one) to listen to ambient noise including one’s potential snoring after a person has fallen asleep. While we do not know what users are supposed to do with the information about snoring, it could be a useful metric to be aware of since snoring and conditions that can lead to it can disrupt sleep.

According to a report from 9To5Google, the latest version of the Fitbit app in the Google Play Store has been decompiled to reveal an upcoming feature called Snore & Noise Detect. With this feature enabled, your Fitbit will turn its microphone on when it detects that you’ve fallen asleep. It will then begin listening to the ambient noise including your potential snoring. As you can probably tell, the device has no way to know who is snoring. Hence, if you have a partner who snores, their sounds will be included in the detection mix.

What will be the use of this data remains unknown

Fitbit will show you these results as a percentage, indicating how much of your night was spent snoring. Moreover, your Fitbit will also be able to tell how loud the ambient noise is in your bedroom, on a scale of “Very quiet” to “Very loud.” This information comes from the acoustic pressure measured by the microphone on your Fitbit device.

Plus, you can expect this to be a fairly demanding task. Hence, Fitbit recommends charging your device above 40% before laying down. Further, the company notes that using Snore & Noise Detect will cause you to need to charge your Fitbit more often. As of now, the Snore & Noise Detect feature isn’t widely available to use in the Fitbit app.

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