Fitbit makes its activity trackers even better with weekly goals, SmartTrack, and PurePulse

Undisputed fitness band champion Fitbit may not fear the recent rise of the Apple Watch, seeing as how it apparently targets a different audience, but you have to assume Microsoft Band 2’s multitude of sensors, as well as Fossil’s Misfit acquisition, put the Flex, Charge, and Surge makers on guard.

And now, they’re retaliating with software updates meant to further improve insights on your health and athletic activities. Right on time for discounted holiday shopping, the Charge HR and Surge score a nifty feature called SmartTrack, which, well, intelligently tracks your various ways of getting or staying in shape.

Before this entered the equation, users needed to manually start their workouts, and select from a menu of exercises. But now, detection is made automatically, and walks, runs, outdoor biking sessions, elliptical training, “high-movement” sports, and aerobic workouts are recognized and distinguished without you having to lift a finger.

No more fiddling with the Exercise Mode and multi-sport modes to get a detailed analysis of your heart rate fluctuations either, as PurePulse enables a better HR experience while cycling, doing cardio, taking Zumba or bootcamp classes.

Finally, all Fitbit products, including the non-HR Surge and tremendously popular Flex, will allow you to set personalized weekly, not just daily, goals, with everything you want to take into account added towards greater objectives than before. The bad news? Android users need to wait a little while longer to score this update, available now on iOS and Windows.

As for SmartTrack and PurePulse, they’re being rolled out as we speak to all three platforms, mere days ahead of a Black Friday deal onslaught for the $140 Charge HR and $230 Surge.

Source: Fitbit Blog

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