Isn’t it time for a “proper”, full-fledged, high-end Fitbit smartwatch already? After all, modest, low-cost activity trackers and mid-range “smart fitness” watches can only get you so far in a super-crowded, uber-competitive yet still-fledgling industry where Apple is king and heavyweight profit champion.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco-based fitness tech specialist and the market as a whole, this long overdue full-blown smartwatch has reportedly been adjourned until fall after encountering a number of “production problems.” See, that’s what you get for killing off Pebbles, and solely buying the company’s software assets.

Worse yet, Fitbit is rumored to (eventually) release a “very retro-looking” device in the same vein as the Blaze rather than taking a “sexy” design page from another new subsidiary’s playbook. This standalone GPS-including $300 or so wearable may not be able to “fully” resist water immersion either. In fact, that’s one of the build predicaments leading to a possible delay from an original spring ETA.

Baking a reliable GPS chip directly into the wrist-worn gadget is also not as easy as Fitbit thought, but at least we can be (somewhat) confident of the unnamed product’s extra-bright color display, heart rate monitoring abilities, “touchless” NFC-enabled payment support, and yes, four long days of battery life between charges. Oh, and a pair of around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones “similar in design” to the Beats X should launch alongside the smartwatch sometime by the end of the year, in “Nightfall Blue” and “Lunar Gray” colors.

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