As Fitbit prepares to tighten its budgetary belt after a mediocre holiday season, we find that it will not be supporting users of its subsidiary, Coin.

Most assets of the interchangeable credit card Coin were acquired last June by the fitness tech company. It was thought that future Fitbit products would integrate mobile payments through NFC and Coin’s technology. Since June 13, though, no new sales or Coins have been made.

If you currently own and use one, you should know that company support for the product is wrapping up and will end on February 28. The phone app will stop working, preventing users from changing their roster of credit cards — good luck with those expired ones. Those who have warranty exchange eligibility will lose it by January 31.

Coin and Coin 2.0 will still work for the life of the embedded battery in the product, estimated to be up to two years from first use. Data on your Coin will stay on your Coin and be usable through the end of the product’s life. For issues such as account deletion, disposal tips and refunds for unfulfilled orders, you can contact the support team (even after the February 28 shutdown) or view the appropriate guide.

Pebble, another new Fitbit property, has ended all hardware support and warranties and is in the process of cutting off its cloud services.

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