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Windows Phone 7 Custom ROM For HSPL Enabled HTC Devices

By Anton D. Nagy August 6, 2011, 1:07 pm

This week we heard about the first RSPL/HSPL project for Windows Phone 7-powered HTC devices, which should open up the gates for future customization and even custom ROMs from the underground developer community. In case you doubted it, here’s the first ever second custom Windows Phone 7 ROM.

It comes courtesy of the Dark Forces Team (DFT), the ones behind many Windows Phone ports and the HSPL itself. It is reportedly suitable for first wave Windows Phones made by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. According to the description, it is suitable “for all HTC operator devices which support by RSPL/HSPL operator”.

The build number is 7713 so we’re looking at Windows Phone Mango with all the carrier customizations being left out. What in is the platform itself Chevron Unlocked and the HTC applications. You definitely can remove customizations pretty easily in Windows Phone by uninstalling apps yourself without the need for a custom ROM.

This custom ROM doesn’t stand for a vanilla Windows Phone experience. It is by itself a breakthrough, a proof of concept that Hard SPL and custom Windows Phone 7 ROMs are possible.

Note: Since this falls in the same “tampering, hacking, etc.” category which can void your warranty and even render your device useless, act with extreme caution. Read the instructions in the thread carefully if you can’t resist the urge to flash! Devices supported are Gold (HTC Pro 7, T7575), Mozart (HD3, T8697, T8698, T8699), Mondrian (Surround, T8788), Spark (Trophy, T8686) and Schubert (HD7, T9292, T9295, T9296).

Source: XDA Developers

Thanks: Anonymous

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