HTC First vs Google Nexus 4 (Video)

Stock Android phones are pretty rare, at least through major carriers worldwide. Most Android smartphones come with a customized OEM interface, such as TouchWiz or Sense. Today, Google’s Nexus 4 by LG and custom ROMs on popular flagships are generally the easiest way to get your hands on the latest versions of Android without manufacturer skins.

But a recent device also comes with a mostly stock version of Android on board – the HTC First. Officially, it comes with Facebook Home pre-installed. So, technically, it’s not pure Android. But that’s mostly semantics. You can disable Facebook Home and forget it exists. Beneath Home is not Sense UI like you would expect of an HTC Android phone. Instead, it’s an otherwise untouched version of Android 4.1.2.

As far as specifications go, it’s a pretty balanced fight, if you consider the trade-offs. The Nexus 4 has no LTE, yet it has a quad-core chipset, wireless charging double the RAM and a (marginally) better camera. The First has LTE, a slightly better – albeit smaller – display and a more solid build.

So what’s the verdict? Watch the video below to find out!

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