The Samsung Galaxy S III is shaping up to be one of the most iconic Android smartphones ever. Even approaching one-year-old and with its successor, the Galaxy S 4, nearing release, it's still very relevant and successful. At the time of its launch, it featured some the best specifications around, a horde of unique software features and offered tons of value.

HTC's latest smartphone, the HTC First, known for being the first smartphone to come with Facebook Home pre-installed, is an unlikely competitor or the Galaxy S III. After all, the HTC First is a lowly mid-range smartphone, while the Galaxy S III is a flagship of yesteryear. But the HTC First, as indicated by a prior comparison and our full review, exceeds expectations and packs a serious wallop for an affordable, mid-tier device. Its specs, though nothing mind-blowing, are more than adequate and it runs stock Android beneath Facebook Home. Its display is gorgeous and the build quality and design are impressive.

With the Galaxy S 4 on the horizon, the S III has begun to slip into the shadows. Carriers are cutting the price and customers seeking a bargain will likely give both the Galaxy S III and HTC First a look. But which one should you buy? The newer, mid-range HTC First or the older, yet still very relevant and powerful Galaxy S III?

Check out the video below to find out!

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