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At the F8 conference in 2019, Facebook confirmed its plan to offer a unified chat experience that merges Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp conversations via interoperability. Now, the first sign of that merger has appeared via an Instagram update for users, which also adds a dedicated Messenger button that replaces the regular DM icon in the top right corner.

The update message mentions the following four changes:

  • New colorful look for your chats
  • React with any emoji
  • Swipe to reply to messages
  • Chat with friends who use Facebook

Even though the Messenger button now appears in the Instagram app, cross-platform chat between Messenger and Instagram is not available yet, at least for now. Reports claim that end-to-end encryption would be a crucial element of the amalgamated WhatsApp-Instagram-Messenger experience, and that work on building the underlying infrastructure will still take some time before it arrives for end users.

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