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First self-built Amazon TVs official and they’re cheaper than your regular smart TV

By Samuel Martinez September 9, 2021, 5:00 pm

When talking about Amazon, we usually focus on great deals and savings, but we have something better this time. Today, the company announced a couple of new products that will surely get you excited, starting with new proprietary brands of smart TVs, which will arrive with Fire TV OS out of the box. The first being the Fire TV Omni Series and the Fire TV 4-Series. In addition, we received a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon has a vast selection of amazing products in the market. The company offers smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, and more. All these products deliver great performance, at a very competitive price. And things got better when the company unveiled an all-new Fire TV family, including a premium TV lineup, the Fire TV Omni Series, and a more budget-friendly option that comes as the Fire TV 4-series.

The higher-end Fire TV Omni series will start at $410 on its 43-inch model, with options going up to a 75-inch display. It is built to deliver a cinematic home theater experience. It will provide 4K Ultra High Definition with support for HDR 10, HLG across the board, while Dolby Vision support will be exclusive to the larger 65 and 75-inch models that will also come in a metallic silver finish. Amazon’s Omni Series will also feature hands-free voice control, and it will allow users to make video calls with Alexa Communications. This means that you can ask Alexa directly to search for a specific movie or show, play newly released movies, and more.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon's premium smart TV with Fire TV OS

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

Amazon's new smart TV with Fire TV OS

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Amazon's new Fire TV streaming device

The more affordable Fire TV 4-Series will start at $370 on its 43-inch model, designed for everyday entertainment. It will also be available in 50 and 55-inch options, and it will also support 4K Ultra High Definition with support for HDR 10, HLG across the board. Finally, Amazon has also announced a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max that is 40 percent more powerful, and it is the first Fire TV streaming stick to support Wi-Fi 6 for improved 4K streaming and cloud gaming. Both TVs will launch on October 27, while the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max will be released on October 7.


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