This may be our first look at the first Razer Phone, inspired by the Nextbit Robin

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Razer planned on doing with the “majority” of Nextbit’s “assets”, acquired for an undisclosed sum by the San Francisco-based PC gaming hardware giant back in January.

After a couple of “social wearable smartbands” and a “digital watch with smart functions” designed for gamers, the first aptly named Razer Phone is apparently right around the corner, and it may look an awful lot like the cloud-first Nextbit Robin.

For those who don’t remember, the ambitious Nextbit startup largely focused on “smarter storage” and a very simple yet eye-catching design as the key selling points of the company’s first (and ultimately only) smartphone effort.

Enter a partial view of the Razer Phone’s rear cover, leaked by a purportedly credible source close to a Slovak tech website. Needless to add it’s wise to take this with a big grain of salt, although the pic does seem to blend Nextbit and Razer’s DNAs rather nicely and plausibly.

You have your obligatory swanky Razer logo taking up an unnecessary amount of space on the handset’s back, alongside a surprisingly subtle dual camera setup and LED flash, as well as sharp corners and two unique side-mounted volume buttons bringing back strong Robin memories.

The dark paint job is perhaps not as striking as the “Mint”, “Midnight” and “Ember” hues of times past, but maybe we’re dealing with an early pre-release prototype here. Either way, it’s definitely worth saving the November 1 date.

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