First-party Google smartphone could come aside from Nexus devices this year

When Sundar Pichai said to Walt Mossberg that Google was looking for “more thought” in the design of smartphones, the chief executive officer explicitly referred to the Nexus line of smartphones.

If The Telegraph’s reporting can be trusted, it seems that at the very least Google is going in a different direction.

The paper is citing from a “senior source” that the Alphabet subsidiary is manufacturing its own smartphone that will be out before the end of the year. It is negotiating on device carriage agreements with networks. The device will apparently be released separate from the Nexus devices that are said to be made by HTC and Huawei this year.

It’s with this rumored move that you could see Google put more pressure on the market as a standard bearer of what an Android phone should be. More control over every aspect of a device would have manufacturers like worried about losing the liberties they have in design, functionality and support. A Samsung executive claims that the company will soon move all of its smartphones onto the Tizen platform. Huawei is said to be making an original operating system in the case that it needs to abandon Android.

The regulatory implications this potential move could have should not be discounted. The European Commission and the Russian legal system have gone after Google for monopolizing the internet browsing experience through Android’s integrated services like the Chrome browser and Gmail.

As Mountain View ramps up original manufacturing efforts for Internet of Things devices and an Android tablet, it’s not necessarily a surprise move to see the company extend its sphere of influence. But it’s a stark one given how at this year’s Code Conference Sundar Pichai responded to a direct question about making its own phone.

“No, not as ah– um, you know– our plan is still to work with OEMs for phones,” Pichai said.

Google declined to comment for The Telegraph’s story.

Source: The Telegraph
Via: Engadget

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