First Look at Windows Phone 7 Copy/Paste Update (Video)

It’s no secret that copy/paste functionality is coming to Windows Phone 7 courtesy of an early 2011 upgrade, and now we have a first look at exactly how that will work on actual devices. Thanks to a helpful tipster, we’ve been treated to a quick video walkthrough of the process on a Samsung Taylor running the impending update, which was recently seeded to developers.


While the feature seems to have been implemented competently enough, we can’t help but prefer the more intuitive iPhone style of magnifying the text you’re trying to select, making the whole process a lot easier to perform with a fat finger. Still, Microsoft seemed to nail the basics here, allowing you to fairly easily grab some text and deposit it elsewhere.

wp7 copy paste 2

Also notable is the OS version, 7.0.7338, which is different than the 7.0.7004.0 which current devices are running. Finally we have the copy/paste pop-up menu, pictured above, which as you’d expect conforms perfectly to the Metro UI while offering plenty of surface area for selecting an option.

Note: YouTube is having problems rendering today. If the video shows up as “unavailable,” you can view it directly in our YouTube channel — and in low-resolution on the video page itself by clicking the embed above.

Thanks: Joey

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