Many first-gen Google Pixel users have suddenly stopped receiving texts after updating to Oreo

Technically released to the general public on August 21, Android 8.0 Oreo needed a little too much time to be widely distributed to eligible Nexus and Pixel devices in circulation. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the first non-Google phone running Nougat to get an official OTA update to the latest major platform version, with new handsets offering build O goodies out the box feeling as rare as Bigfoot sightings.

Worse yet, Android Oreo may have crashed an essential feature for a distressing number of original Pixel and Pixel XL owners. A Google Product Forums thread started all the way back on September 20 slowly collected dozens of complaints from users no longer able to receive basic text messages on their fancy, pricey phones.

Even though there’s no way to be certain the issue is connected to Android 8.0, most Pixel User Community members voicing their frustration over the past month or so claim the very serious bug has cropped up in the wake of the recent system update.

The vast majority of grievances also include mentions of Verizon network usage, but we probably shouldn’t hurry and point the finger at Big Red either. After all, a Google Community Manager finally confirmed earlier this week that the search giant is “aware of this issue and working towards a fix”, which sounds an awful lot like an indirect admission of guilt.

For the time being, Orrin encourages device reboots as attempts at temporary glitch patching, while stressing how important it is to back up your data if you try to fix the problem with a factory reset. Unfortunately, both provisional solutions seem to fail after a while (if they’re successful in the first place), leaving Pixel and Pixel XL owners unable to receive texts once again.

It’s worth pointing out that a fairly large number of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users reported similar SMS troubles not too long ago. But as weird as it sounds, the two bugs are probably unrelated, since we’re talking different devices from different manufacturers, running different versions of Android in different parts of the world.

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