The mobile industry’s unicorn for many years now could finally be tamed and propelled into the limelight by the end of 2016. Samsung may not have much choice but to gamble on “Project Valley”, as its smartphone sales enter a vexing stagnation phase, and Galaxy market share collapses.

Don’t hold your breath for checking out a finished, fully polished foldable handheld in the flesh this month, this quarter or even this first half of the year though, with financial analysts predicting a formal announcement after June.

H2 2016 is only expected to see the Samsung SM-G929G break cover too, while its commercial launch might still be adjourned until 2017. Even then, the Korean electronics giant is unlikely to very quickly ramp up mass production, with limited test runs probably set to take place before the technology is deemed mature and ready for primetime.

Back to today’s report, we should mention it doesn’t seem to rely on any new intel or gossip from trustworthy sources, instead HSBC industry researchers making a series of educated guesses. Samsung needs something big and flashy to recover its mojo, and flexible OLED smartphones would give users “the best of both worlds – namely, a larger screen size in a smaller form factor.”

HSBC also anticipates a market segment crossover of sorts, with these innovative bendy devices poised to help Sammy “capture market share in both the smartphone and tablet markets with a single product.” Sounds mouth-watering, but will we ever see the end of the rumor bonanza and beginning of the actual foldable revolution?

Source: Business Insider

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