First Chrome OS tablet photographed at trade show with Acer logo and unknown specs

The 2018 edition of the education tech-focused Bett trade show is nearly over, and although we’ve seen a number of Chromebooks and even a few inexpensive Windows 10 laptops officially unveiled this week, the most interesting product on display in London may have been one the public wasn’t supposed to know about.

Not yet, at least, based on the swift disappearance of the only piece of evidence supporting its existence. You see, a Twitter user by the name of Alister Payne snapped and shared a photo of a fairly generic-looking Acer tablet, which he deleted after people started paying attention to it.

That’s because this particular slate appears to run Chrome OS rather than Android, which no commercially available tab offers at the moment. Acer probably showcased this no doubt advanced prototype to a small group of Bett 2018 attendees, but someone made a mistake, and here we are.

Unfortunately, no specs or features accompanied the unauthorized pic tweet, although the folks over at Chrome Unboxed believe the screen measures between 8 and 10 inches in diagonal, and the mysterious first-ever Chrome OS tablet will come wielding a Staedtler stylus… sooner or later. An economical price point feels like a guarantee, especially if educated guesses of modest 1024 x 768 screen resolution and RockChip 3399 processing power prove correct.

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