Expect the first BlackBerry Priv discount to come in around MWC next year

Samsung almost certainly has the Galaxy S7 on deck for an announcement at or ahead February’s Mobile World Congress, HTC could be smelling the “Perfume” of a comeback in Barcelona, and the LG G5 may roll out in two months’ time as well (though most likely not).

For its part, one of the newest recruits in Google’s ever-growing Android army merely plans to reduce the price of the fairly encouraging Priv in a “midlife kicker” effort. That means BlackBerry is aware of the competition’s looming technological advancements, and the effect they might have on the security-focused touchscreen/QWERTY hybrid.

Reading between the lines of John Chen’s answer to a pricing and margin-related Priv question during the company’s recent earnings call, we can also infer the oft-rumored, high-end but slightly more affordable “Vienna” won’t see daylight in the year’s first quarter.

That absolutely makes sense, given the BlackBerry Priv continues to sell for $700 unlocked stateside (even on Black Friday), and “the pricing will hold pretty strong for the next quarter.” Wait, the full next quarter? But in that case, we may only look at a discount in April, by which time the Priv will turn six months old and, well, lose the better part of its mojo.

Source: Seeking Alpha
Via: Phonearena

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