The struggle to keep alive an underdog operating system in the mobile space is ever-present. Jolla is under immense financial stress partly because of that struggle.  It’s one that’s preventing Microsoft from going anywhere. Some companies, like HP, dare not to give it the time of day.

However, Mozilla has actually succumbed to external forces and a change direction as it has gone ahead to tell developers that it will release one last update for Firefox OS for smartphones — version 2.6 expected around May. From that point, all staff involvement will be diverted to its renewed focus to IoT “Connected Devices.”

The app Marketplace will be pruned of any apps supporting Android, Desktop and Tablet operating systems without Firefox OS compatibility. Firefox OS apps will continue to be accepted through sometime next year. New developments through Mozilla’s “foxfooding” program will continue to siphon onto existing test phones.

Late last year, Mozilla decided to repurpose its low-profile operating system from making modestly specced phones run smoothly to creating a protocol for Internet of Things devices to communicate through.

Source: Mozilla
Via: Engadget

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