How many mobile operating systems can the market sustain? Right now we’ve got two major players, a third with a lot of potential (and serious backing), a fourth that just can’t seem to die, and a fragmented assortment of hangers on, none yet to achieve real mainstream success. 2015’s been especially hard on those upstarts, and in recent weeks we haven’t just seen Sailfish OS hit hard times, but Firefox OS throw in the towel, with Mozilla announcing an end to Firefox OS-powered smartphones. But there’s still some hope for the platform, and while no more phones may be on the way, we heard that Mozilla could keep the OS going on other connected gadgets. While the company’s yet to reveal exactly how that may play out, a new leak gives us a little insight into what Mozilla’s been thinking about.

The documents reveals a number of smart gadgets, ranging from a basic tablet described as “just a web browser,” to a keyboard with a Raspberry Pi living within, ready to connect to an external monitor and function as its own computer.

We also see a home router with firewall, privacy controls, and the ability to act as a personal server, as well as an HDMI stick designed to let users cast web content onto their screens – basically a Firefox OS Chromecast.

In an interesting twist, Mozilla has actually acknowledged the legitimacy of this leak, stating, “this document represents early product concept work by one of our developers.” That said, concept work doesn’t mean that Mozilla’s actively developing any of these projects, and the company hasn’t revealed which, if any, might have a shot at actually making it to a commercial device.

Source: Hipertextual (Google Translate), VentureBeat
Via: Engadget

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