Developer preview of Firefox OS 2.5 is an Android app

It’s been a long time since Firefox OS has been relevant. Last time we wrote on it, it was on a fairly tacky and transparent gold-colored phone. While Firefox OS is based on Linux, the R&D team at Mozilla have been building bridges to make the operating system more accessible to existing devices rather than (the lack of) proprietary ones.

The official version 2.5 download for Firefox OS devices is ready, but there’s a developer preview available for ARM-based Android developers, too.

The Firefox blog is essentially branding this as a root-free, flash-free launcher that mimics the system’s Gaia UI. It’s by no means a perfect port — as the blog points out, Android has a back button while Firefox OS does not.

While you’re still able to add the Boot to Gecko installer and do a complete port, a Firefox OS “lite” on Android does open up the platform to more eyeballs, more mindshare and, hopefully, progress. The post is littered with ways you can get involved, coding know-how or no.

Download: Firefox OS v2.5 Developer Preview
Source: Mozilla
Via: Android Central

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