Firefox OS has been around for some time now, but it’s lacked really stand-out hardware. A big part of that is how the platform is positioned, and with a focus on developing markets and budget-priced handsets, it’s been hard for any phones to really shine. But then late last month we saw the launch of a Firefox phone that couldn’t help itself but to be eye-catching: the LG-made Fx0 for Japan.

Now, Japan is a long way to go to check out a smartphone – even one with as snazzy a design as the Fx0. But luckily for us, this guy launched just weeks ahead of CES 2105, and as we hit the show floor in Las Vegas we managed to have ourselves a run-in with the smartphone.

Does the transparent (or translucent, we suppose) design really hold up to a closer look, or is it more of a “oh, that’s nice” gimmick that’s there-and-gone? Can the phone’s build quality help elevate Firefox OS out of the uninspired mire its previous phones have found themselves falling into? Maybe more to the point, should you be jealous that you won’t find the Fx0 going up for sale in your neck of the woods? Watch our hands-on interaction with the phone to see for yourself.

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