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Find a better and more affordable car insurance plan with Clearcover

By Pocketnow Digital Offers November 4, 2020, 6:00 am

We’re guessing that you don’t spend an exorbitant amount of time thinking about car insurance. Whether you own a fleet of vehicles that you share with your family or you’ve just purchased your first two-door sedan, shopping for car insurance plans is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time.

The inevitable headaches that come from shopping for the right car insurance plan are also compounded by the fact that it’s often difficult to know if you’re even getting a good deal—due to a seemingly endless number of insurance policies that vary depending on your car, location, and budget.

Clearcover car insurance is an all-digital platform that eliminates these all-too-common car insurance woes by making it easy to shop for plans, pay your bills, access policy information, and even file a claim right on your smartphone in a matter of minutes.


Clearcover acts as an all-in-one hub for all of your insurance needs. You’ll be able to find a new quote in just a few minutes, and contrary to popular belief you can actually switch car insurance plans at any time—meaning there’s no need for you to be tied down to a plan that offers limited coverage and drains your bank account.

Currently available in nine states and counting, Clearcover boasts an award-winning app that has high ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play.  You can easily manage your car insurance policy through just a few finger taps, the app allows you to file a claim, pay your bill, get roadside assistance, and show proof of insurance electronically.  

Most customers are able to get better coverage for less money and Clearcover provides a wide variety of coverage levels and optional coverage such as alternative transportation or roadside assistance. Clearcover is the only digital insurance site that takes advantage of next-generation technology in order to save you money while simultaneously streamlining and simplifying your online experience.

Don’t waste time and money wading through confusing quotes and inaccurate comparisons of car insurance plans online. Clearcover will help you find a better plan that costs less money every month, and you can get a new quote in a matter of minutes.


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