Unveiled almost two months ago now, but only slated for an actual commercial rollout in December, Apple’s long overdue challenger for Amazon’s increasingly popular Echo family has so far failed to generate significant buzz.

Believe it or not though, the HomePod may have just helped confirm once and for all a couple of top iPhone 8 selling points. Some analysts and insiders have even dubbed them the most important features of the impending 10-year anniversary edition, and while they’ve been strongly rumored and credibly rendered for the best part of the last few months, it’s only today that we can consider them a “done deal.”

Thanks to iOS developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, the “borderless, notch-at-the-top iPhone design” has been unearthed from official Apple HomePod firmware. We’re merely talking about a blueprint lacking any type of identification elements, key details and subtle build components.

But without a doubt, the iPhone 8, aka Pro or X, is coming with almost no perceptible screen bezel, no obvious space for a frontal home button, while the selfie camera, earpiece and other sensors reside on a substantial centered “notch” at the top.

A little digging around HomePod code also reveals at least one upcoming next-gen iPhone model supports super-advanced “Face Unlock” technology, including in low-light conditions, with built-in infrared functionality. No surprises there either, but it’s still nice to get some info from the horse’s mouth for a change. Now let’s wait and see if facial recognition will replace fingerprint authentication altogether.

Yup, the beloved Touch ID scanner could still be eliminated, as well as incorporated directly into the OLED screen, placed around the back or even on one side of the iPhone 8.

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