We recently produced our first Real Audio Review, and we got MANY questions and comments regarding our testing procedure. Many Apple fans felt we were unfair to the iPhone 7 by using the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable which Apple includes with in the box. The idea being, that you can only hear what the iPhone is really capable of by connecting expensive third party headphones directly to the iPhone’s data port.

Of course, using a data port on a phone is little different than using a USB port on a computer. We wouldn’t say a laptop has “really good headphone playback” if you can only achieve that playback by buying an additional expensive headphone amp. That would be a separate accessory review from the laptop review.

With that in mind, we’re using this video to answer some questions on how we’ll produce the Real Audio Review moving forward, and introducing a little USB DAC which will be a part of our future comparisons.

Fiio K1 USB Headphone DAC, and answering your Real Audio Review questions!

iPhone 7 Real Audio Review

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