SOPA, or the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and its sibling the Protect IP Act are pieces of legislation being considered by the US Congress. They sound like a good idea — after all, who doesn’t want to protect intellectual property and stop piracy, right?

Unfortunately, if either (or both) get passed they will drastically change the internet as we know it — and not for the better. I’m not going to go into the details about SOPA here, you can read a quick summary of how crazy SOPA is here.

Internet companies, like GoDaddy, who announced support for SOPA felt a swift backlash from customers who organized and took their business elsewhere. But GoDaddy (who has since withdrawn their support of SOPA) isn’t the only company who announced support of this bad legislation. This list is long and contains lots of companies that you’d never think of.

Activists figured consumers could rally against SOPA by “voting with their dollars” — refusing to buy products from companies that back SOPA.

What products are those? Using a custom barcode scanning app customers can quickly and easily see what products they buy (from electronics to food) to avoid.

Download Boycott SOPA from the Android Market

A possible improvement to the app: when a product is scanned and flagged, ask the shopper if they want to send an email addressed to the company’s president and board members informing them that the shopper just bought a competitor’s product because their company supports SOPA.

Thanks: Chris H.

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