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Google has started to send its latest Android Pixel Security Update OTA, which is meant to help solve several issues in the Google Pixel 5 and previous models. This February 2021 update is ready for every Google Pixel phone running on Android 11.

“We have provided the monthly Android / Pixel update for February 2021. All supported Pixel devices running Android 11 will receive these software updates as part of the February 2021 update, which begins rolling out to users today. We encourage you to check your Android version and update to receive the latest features.”

It seems that your Google Pixel 5 will soon start to work like it’s supposed to, once again. The latest February 2021 Security Update is making its way to help fix touch sensitivity issues on both your Pixel 5 and the Google Pixel 4a 5G. These issues started to appear after users installed the December 2020 update, and it would make the phones miss touch input from time to time. The Google Pixel 3 will also benefit from this firmware update, as some devices were presenting an issue with sensors not being detected after being booted-up.

The Google Pixel 5 will also get better coverage and faster network speeds, as the FCC has approved an update for this device and for the LG Wing 5G that will enable the C-band in the United States. Now, since we’re mentioning the LG Wing, you may want to know that only the Verizon and AT&T versions, as the T-Mobile version is not included on the list. This update is expected to be simple, as these devices have the necessary hardware to support C-band connectivity. Now, the C-band doesn’t allow 5G speeds since it was recently auctioned off. The auction results will be made public next month, but it seems that Verizon was the carrier that managed to get the largest piece of the pie.

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