FCC may publish net neutrality reversal terms on Thursday

After voting in December to repeal net neutrality rules for service providers, sources say the FCC may announce the rules revisions on Wednesday and then publish them on Thursday.

The publishing of the rules in the Federal Register, a daily log of whitepapers from US government agencies, would set reactionary strategies in motion.

Senate Democrats say that they could use congressional review powers attempt to overturn the ruling. The bloc claims they are just one member short of a majority on this issue, though the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and President Donald Trump aren’t seen as likely supporters of this effort. On the other hand, 20 state attorneys general along with advocacy groups are working on withdrawing a petition for the right to sue in order to refile after the rules are published.

“[Our] coalition of AGs is taking the FCC to court to challenge its illegal rollback of net neutrality,” said Amy Spitalnick representing the New York Attorney General’s office.

The FCC’s repeal would mean that internet service providers would not have to operate under Title II regulations that would prevent paid prioritization of the quality of clients’ connections. The rules would have to be approved by the White House Office of Management and Budget before they can legally take effect.

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