It’s a good day for finding new and old certification documents connected to intriguing Android devices yet to be released in China or the US, like Huawei’s quad-camera Maimang 6, a still-mysterious all-touch BlackBerry and Google’s highly anticipated Pixel XL 2. Or is it Pixel 2 XL? Pixel XL2?

No way to be sure at the moment, as America’s Federal Communications Commission stays mum on the official name of a product merely listed as ZNFG011C. That seemingly cryptic and convoluted model number actually gives away the identity of the phone’s manufacturer and its close family ties to a far less secretive ZNFG011A authorized by the FCC just last month.

While HTC was confirmed as the producer of a smaller Pixel 2 with “Active Edge” support, LG is now etched in stone as Google’s (presumably silent) partner in charge of the XL 2’s design.

It’s probably safe to expect a strong resemblance to the “FullVision” G6 and especially the recently unveiled V30 with its larger 6-inch P-OLED display. Unfortunately, the latest FCC listing of interest to Android power users is devoid of any photos, sketches or specifications apart from an extensive directory of supported LTE frequencies. Wait, where’s the T-Mobile 600MHz spectrum-enabling Band 71? It’s missing, as far as we can tell, with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Apple’s full new iPhone lineup in the same discouraging position.

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