FCC confirms Moto Z3 Play dimensions and a number of key specs

While the mid-range Moto G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus might as well be out in stores already, the high-end Z3 and Z3 Play have managed to maintain a substantially thicker veil of secrecy around their designs and specifications, despite a little bit of information coming to light way back in January.

Carrying model number XT1929, the humbler, presumably cheaper member of Lenovo’s 2018 modular smartphone family has just been certified by the FCC, with regulatory documents including everything from product dimensions to key features and selling points.

Some key features, that is, like 4 gigs of RAM, paired with your choice of 32 or 64GB internal storage space. The Moto Z3 Play apparently measures 156.23mm in overall height, and 76.7mm in width, which very closely resembles the footprint of last year’s Z2 Play.

That’s no small feat, mind you, as the Z3 Play is expected to provide over 6 inches of usable screen real estate, compared to the 5.5-inch Super AMOLED panel of its predecessor. The “immersive borderless” display is unlikely to use an iPhone X-inspired notch to minimize bezels, and previous rumors pegged the resolution at the Full HD+ mark, i.e. 2160 x 1080 pixels or so.

On the back, you’ll probably find a dual camera setup composed of 12 and 8MP lenses, with a single front-facing 5MP shooter in charge of selfie taking, and a 3000mAh or so battery busy keeping the lights on. Pricing speculation circles $450, but there are no guarantees yet.

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