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Note applications are a dime a dozen on Windows Mobile. Most free versions of these type of apps are pretty basic in functionality and presentation, which makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other. Other, more advanced (often costly) note apps are too cluttered to even consider. In other words, they’re either too boring or just not worth the hassle.

MyNote tries to add some spice to note taking with customizable ink colors, brush widths and stationery. Whenever you open MyNote, you’re greeted by a bulletin board that displays previews of nine of your notes. Finger friendly buttons allow you to switch between bulletin boards if you have more than nine notes saved. Clicking on a note will maximize it and allow editing of that particular note. This method of note organization makes it a breeze to keep track of all your notes and access them without any trouble. Plus, it just looks nice.

Other Features:

– Easily create or delete notes from the main page

– 24 brush sizes

– 7 ink colors

– 5 main stationery backgrounds with variants

– Save notes as screen shots

– Saves notes on exit

If you like jotting down notes using your Windows phone, you might find MyNote a little less clunky and more fun to use than the alternatives out there. The neat interface and customizable brush options make quick note taking easy with or without a stylus, which goes a long way in terms of everyday usability. Grab it from MyLostBlog.

Note: You will most likely need .NET CF 3.5 to run this. Also, the MyNote download consists of a zip file. Unzip it and place the cab on your device for installation.

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