You Think Nokia Uses Deceptive Advertising? Have You Heard of Apple?

All hell broke loose last week when we noticed that Nokia’s sample example comparison of their optical image stabilization video recording capabilities wasn’t really filmed by a guy on a bicycle. It was really filmed by a guy on a van with what looks like professional video production equipment and lighting.  Many press outlets picked this up and spun it as Nokia lying to its customers.  In reality, the Lumia 920’s optical image stabilization video recording may actually be just as impressive as the fake video suggests when it is finally finished, but for many, that doesn’t make up for the original lie.

The interesting thing is that the most profitable tech company in the world lies to us all the time in their commercials and airs them constantly on public television.  Apple is often being busted for false advertising, but they never really do anything about it.  Remember when Apple claimed their screen supported “millions of colors” when it really only had a few hundred thousand?  How about the lawsuits about the false advertising Apple uses in its Siri commercials?

Below is a video from gilbertjasonohuffpo of the Huffington Post that illustrates how Siri really works when you try to do the same thing that’s shown in one of Apple’s commercials.

Here’s some more proof of Apple’s false advertising in regards to the old iPhone 3G.

You’ve also got the “giant hand” fiasco where Apple fabricated images of a large hand holding an iPhone in order to make the phone look smaller.  The 4G network connectivity claims associated with Apple’s iPad have also generated some lawsuits for false advertising.

Meanwhile, how has Nokia reacted to their false advertising claims?  First, they issued a public apology, then this week they’ve submitted to an independent ethics report to make sure they don’t mess up like that again.

On the other hand, Apple’s response to false advertising, at least in the case about their iPhone 3G’s “Twice as fast for half the price” claim, was as follows, “Plaintiff’s claims, and those of the purported class, are barred by the fact that the alleged deceptive statements were such that no reasonable person in Plaintiff’s position could have reasonably relied on or misunderstood Apple’s statements as claims of fact,”  In other words, Apple says you’re a fool for believing their advertisements.

So, that’s Nokia doing their best to make things right, while Apple insults you and continues to lie in their advertisements.  Which deserves more positive media attention in your opinion?  Which company seems more trustworthy?

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