One year ago, the future of Jolla and Sailfish OS seemed so promising: we came to MWC 2015 and checked out the new Jolla Tablet, running the latest Sailfish OS 2.0. A year later, we’re faced with a very different outlook: the tablet has pretty much crashed and burned, and Jolla’s found itself looking to new ways to keep Sailfish OS going. But the important thing is that it will indeed keep going, even if Jolla itself isn’t the one producing the hardware. At MWC 2016 we paid Jolla a visit to see where Sailfish OS is now, and check out some of the latest devices to run the platform.

Sailfish OS itself hasn’t changed a ton since we saw it last – we’re still looking at version 2.0, albeit this time on phone hardware. There are some well appreciated tweaks to UI navigation, especially when it comes to one-handed use, but there’s just not a lot to talk about here.

What did catch our attention, though, was some of the hardware being used to showcase the platform: the new modular, ethically sourced Fairphone 2.

This phone only just started shipping at the end of last year, and we hadn’t yet enjoyed the opportunity to really check it out for ourselves. Just as promised the hardware is all sorts of modular, with components quickly coming off and allowing users to extend the life of their phones by only replacing what needs replacing – without junking the whole thing.

Check out what we got to see below, and stick with Pocketnow for the rest of our MWC 2016 coverage:

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