We’ve kept a close eye at Project Ara over the last couple of years, and yes, we did say years. This project was born in Motorola, adopted by Google, but has taken for ever to launch to consumers. Modular smartphones have been a dream of many of us for years, and a new company plans to provide a better solution.

Fairphone is a dutch startup that already garnered some fame a few years ago by crowdfunding a smartphone project that avoided the need to use “conflicting materials.” After 60,000 units were sold, the company is now up to more with a the new Fairphone 2. The focus on this device is different though. This is the first time the company fully designs the product, and the idea now is to build a truly modular smartphone. The spec sheet of the base model is of an Android 5.1 smartphone with a 5-inch 1080p display, 4G LTE, 2GB of RAM, 0.7mm Gorilla Glass 3, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a Snapdragon 801 processor, dual SIM slots, a MicroSD slot and an expansion port on the back for further sensors in the future. Most of these features are swappable in the same modular way that Project Ara is, but it differs in the fact that you actually have to take this phone apart for that to happen, instead of sliding things in and out like in Project Ara.

This can be both good and bad, given the fact that the Fairphone 2 actually looks like a regular phone, and not ¬†like a domino box. Another advantage is that this project will be available later this year, which is a far better date than the uncertainty behind Project Ara. If you’re interested in one, you can sign up in the source link.

Source: Fairphone
Via: The Next Web

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