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It seems the Galaxy S21 Series Didn’t Sell So Well

By Samuel Martinez August 3, 2021, 4:00 pm

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series hasn’t lived up to Samsung’s sales expectations. The company’s latest flagship was launched earlier than previous years, which made us believe that it could benefit from arriving faster to the market. Things went well during the first quarter of 2021, as the Galaxy S21 trio sold more than its predecessors. However, things got a bit complicated during Q2.

According to an analysis by Kiwoon Securities, cited by Business Post, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series sales haven’t been so great during its first six months in the market. Sales numbers seem to have been lower than the ones recorded during 2020 and 2019, meaning that the Samsung Galaxy S21 has sold less than the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S10 series.


What’s curious is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 sales saw a 30 percent jump in its domestic market, which made it reach amazing numbers after just one month in the market. Still, that didn’t stop the Galaxy S21 from decreasing its sales numbers by 47 percent when compared to the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21Series

Indeed, an early launch helped the Samsung Galaxy S21 series sell more initially, but it seems that this wasn’t the best long-term strategy. It is also believed that customers aren’t as interested in the Galaxy S series, even though it now features stylus support on the Ultra variant. Whatever the case, we can’t be sure what is the real reason behind these sales numbers, and even leaker Ice Universe doesn’t seem to understand why the Galaxy S21 is not selling more.

Still, things could get better with the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 that’s expected to arrive with a new Exynos chipset powered by AMD graphics, and who knows what else. But let’s also remember that several Samsung users would rather get a new Samsung Galaxy Note model early instead of a new Galaxy S refresh.

Source Business Post

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