Facebook can’t seem to keep their users’ information private, once again

Security researchers from UpGuard have found more than 540 million Facebook records exposed in a public database. This information includes 22,000 passwords in plaintext and some other sensitive information.

Facebook has been dropping the ball lately, big time. After the Cambridge Analytica issue, the company has been the spotlight of many privacy violation issues. The last one included millions of passwords of its users in plain text, but things just got worse.

“Facebook’s policies prohibit storing Facebook information in a public database. Once alerted to the issue, we worked with Amazon to take down the databases. We are committed to working with the developers on our platform to protect people’s data,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

However, we now have found out that there were millions of data records stored in one of Amazon’s public servers. The information in this server included photos, events, passwords and more that were stored on Amazon servers without any protection and came from “Cultura Colectiva” and an app called “At the Pool” that hasn’t been active since 2014.

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