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Facebook to introduce Podcasts sooner than expected

By Prakhar Khanna June 18, 2021, 6:30 am

Facebook announced in April that it is working on its own podcast feature. The company could reportedly launch its new podcast product on June 22. The feature could allow Facebook users to access their favorite podcasts on Facebook and also create sound clips from their favorite shows and share them on Facebook pages. Facebook has already released its podcast terms and conditions that anyone can view. The episodes of your selected podcasts will appear under a new Podcasts tab that will be rolled out soon. It was showcased by the social media giant in April.

According to The Verge’s report, the publication received emails from Facebook regarding the upcoming podcast feature. It says that the Facebook Podcast feature could go live on June 22. The company is tipped to allow podcast hosts to link their RSS feed to Facebook. Further, it will automatically generate News Feed posts for new podcast episodes.

The episodes will be visible under a new Podcasts tab on a Facebook page. According to a previous report from Podnews, Facebook has said that the new feature will be exclusively available to a handful of publishers. However, the report says that many podcast publishers have received the emails, which hints that the new feature may have a wider rollout than initially planned.

Facebook has already released its terms and conditions for publishing podcasts on its platform. These seem fairly standard. However, they don’t reveal any detail regarding what all the social media giant can do with the podcasts published on Facebook. The company will also provide an option to podcast publishers to decide whether they wish to enable clips that are up to a minute in length. The clips will be created and shared by listeners to “help increase visibility and engagement.”

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