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Facebook tests sticker ads in Stories and expands its monetization tools

By Nadeem Sarwar March 11, 2021, 4:14 pm
facebook stories

Facebook had today made a slew of announcements covering how more content creators can generate revenue from its platform. Aside from expanding the availability of its in-stream ads and lowering the criteria for creators to access these monetization tools, Facebook has also announced that users (read: influencers and celebs) can now earn money from Stories as well.

The social media giant – which is currently in the process of challenging an FTC antitrust lawsuit – has announced that in the coming weeks, it will test ads in Facebook Stories. These ads will appear in the form of stickers in Stories for a small bunch of creators, but the company has plans of expanding it to more users in the foreseeable future. Of course, Facebook will take its cut from the revenue generated from sticker ads in Stories, but the company has not revealed the percentage of ad money that will go into its coffers.


In-stream ads will now appear in videos as short as 60 seconds

Aside from introducing new ways of making money on its platform, Facebook is making in-stream ads available for more types of content, including short-form videos. So far, these ads could only be shown in videos that are at least 3 minutes or longer. Now, videos that are as short as 60-seconds can show in-stream ads that appear at the 30-second mark.

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Facebook is lowering the barrier for accessing in-stream ads

facebook paid online events
A paid online video on Facebook

Facebook is also lowering the barrier for creators to access its in-stream ads. The company says users whose videos (on-demand as well as live) have amassed 600,000 minutes of viewing in the past 60 days can get access to its ad tools. Earlier, the criteria for in-stream ads mandated on-demand videos that are three minutes or longer.

Alternatively, if you’ve published a minimum of five videos, you can apply for using in-stream ads. However, you must have over 10,000 followers and should be publishing your content from a Page, not a personal profile.

facebook instream ad
An in-stream ad playing in a video

Ads for Live videos are no-longer invite-only

Moreover, the invite-only ad program covering Live videos is now open for all creators, provided they fulfill certain criteria. A creator must have logged 60,000 minutes of content viewed in the last 60 days to qualify for in-stream ads in Live videos.

Furthermore, the company is bringing its paid online events to 24 more countries, a number that earlier stood at 20. Lastly, Facebook is also expanding fan subscriptions to 10 more countries across the globe.


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