Facebook is giving its News section a major push, but the company is not just trying to diversify its news content library and boost its availability, but is also working to improve the user experience as well. With the latter in mind, Facebook is testing a new feature that will link user profiles with news subscriptions to reduce the hassle of repeated sign-ins for paywalled content.

Facebook will match the user profiles with news subscribers, and will then invite users to link their Facebook account with their news subscription account. Once the account linking is done, subscribers won’t have to repeatedly go through the sign in process every time they click on an article on Facebook that is hidden behind a paywall.

Facebook claims that repeated sign-ins are a major pain point for both subscribers as well as publishers, and the new account linking feature will try to end that by introducing a persistent login experience. The social media giant claims that early tests have shown promising results for both subscriber engagement and content distribution, leading to a surge in article clicks and follower count for publishers.

Source: Facebook

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