Facebook is apparently testing a somewhat creepy ‘Discover People’ mobile feature

The world’s most popular social networking website and mobile application is always adding experimental new features, constantly trying to branch out into different areas of the new media industry, searching for the next big thing while preserving and even improving its monumental reach and user engagement levels.

But not every little Facebook add-on and new function gets as much media attention as, say, Live Video and Live Audio broadcasts, many probably going completely unnoticed as they’re tested, including publicly, and quickly scrapped before rolling out to the masses.

“Discover People” perfectly fits the description of a stillborn service, although it hasn’t managed to fly under our radar as it randomly creeps up on certain mobile Facebook users. As an extension of the otherwise straightforward “Find Friends” feature, this basically lets you discover and stalk complete strangers with common interests for public events, page likes or the same employer as yourself.

What could possibly go wrong? A number of things, obviously, which is why we expect the “Discover People” option to vanish into thin air from the few navigation menus it’s surfaced in. Tinder already does a great job connecting strangers with identical purposes and, erm, “interests”, while Facebook’s existing friend-seeking functionality offers just the right combination of utility and minimal privacy intrusion.

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