Facebook takes focus off hardware in favor of data privacy tools

Facebook has announced that it has consolidated its privacy toggles from across 20 different screens into one section in the account settings.

These options include adding more factors of authentication for account access, delegating which audiences can view posts from and vital information about the user and controlling what types of ads they see. Users can also pick apart, download and delete their data from the so-called Privacy Shortcuts page.

This is one of the latest measures the social media company has taken in scandals revolving around the way it handles user data for the purposes of serving ads and generating revenue, potentially at the peril of undermining electoral processes worldwide and exposing its users to security risks. Sources have told CNN that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has privately come to grips with having to testify to the US Congress in the next few weeks.

Bloomberg now reports from sources that because on public sentiment against Facebook, the company will not introduce smart home products at its F8 developers conference on May 1, one of which included a voice assistant speaker much like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. Focus group testing already had indicated that there were concerns about the Facebook brand gaining access to more personal data, especially with an always-on microphone at play. That said, though, these devices will still launch within this year.

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