Facebook Tab Released for HTC Sense 2.5

Ever since HTC introduced a Twitter tab to Sense 2.5, users have been hoping to see a similar tab for facebook. After all, facebook is just as popular (if not more) as Twitter, so why shouldn’t there be a specialized tab for it? Well, now users of the well-known social networking site can satisfy some of their obsessive facebook behavior using Sense 2.5. Surprisingly, it’s not an official tab from HTC. You can thank none other than the great folks at XDA-developers for this latest creation.

XDA user, Meltwater, has been hacking away at manila files and finally released version 1.0 of his facebook tab today. It’s pretty basic, seeing how it doesn’t do comments, pokes, likes and notifications. However, it will give you a general overview of status updates and provide quick access to some functions.


As you can see in the screen shots, the top entry of the tab will link to your notifications (messages, invites, etc). Clicking on any of these will launch your web browser and take you directly to these categories. Following the “Me” entry, you get status updates of friends. Tapping on these entries will open the manila style facebook tab for whichever contact you’ve selected. There are two soft keys for the tab, one to update and the other for options (launch facebook app, web portal, settings for auto-update).


So while this custom facebook tab is not as advanced as we would’ve hoped to see, it’s still the only one available; so you can’t really complain. What meltwater was able to do here is simply amazing and it’s certainly been a hot topic on XDA as of late. We can only hope that he keeps developing features for it.

The bad news is that installation can be a bit tricky, especially for novice users. After replacing/editing manila files, importing a registry entry, and resetting some manila/registry files, I was able to get the tab working on my first try (stock WM 6.5 ROM with Sense 2.5.2012 for Sprint Touch PRO2). Since this hack may cause users to have to hard reset in case there are compatibility issues, we recommend that only intermediate to advanced users, who are confident in messing with system files, try it out. Back up your files and head over to XDA-developers for more information. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the third post.

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Notes: some utilities you may need to follow the developers instructions – Programmer’s Notepad, a registry editor, and MortScript. You will need to show hidden system files on your PC to find them in the ZIP folder from XDA as well. Remember, this could scramble your manila files if not correctly installed. It may only work on some versions of Sense 2.5 (word is build 1921 has issues with it).

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