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Facebook is applying the TikTok formula to audio, which was long expected to the company given its track record. The company is building a set of new audio creation tools. It is touting the new feature as “a sound studio in your pocket.” Facebook is using AI to make audio quality “magically great.” You will be able to use music from Facebook’s Sound Collection in the background of your story to set the tone – just like you can use audio in your TikTok videos.

We’ve been investing in audio technologies — such as speech-to-text and voice morphing — for a long time and will make them available in an audio creation tool directly inside the Facebook app,” wrote the company in its blog post.

These audio creation tools will enable you to create Soundbites, which are short-form, creative audio clips for capturing anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration, poems, and many other things. Facebook will start testing Soundbites over the next few months with a small number of creators. It will further refine the product with their input before making it available to everyone.

Shortbites: TikTok, but for audio

Facebook will be collaborating with creators to experiment with different concepts for Soundbites. For instance, it will collaborate with comedian Drew Lynch who’ll be sharing his short rants and food reviews in ASMR; Lolo Spencer, an accessibility advocate, reciting daily affirmations and her favorite inspirational quotes; Tobe Nwigwe, an entrepreneur, sharing his “convos with Tobe” about fatherhood and being a first-generation Nigerian American and more. Josh Sundquist, an author, and comedian will be using voice effects to augment his impersonations and storytelling.

Facebook has also announced its plans to play podcasts in the Facebook app itself. The company says that ‘within the next months’ users will be able to listen to podcasts while using the app, and even when it is in the background.

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