Facebook hasn’t really succeed in many of the side projects it’s launched over the last couple of years. If it wasn’t for the existing success of its acquisitions like WhatsApp or Instagram, services like Facebook Paper, or even the defunct HTC First would give you the impression that Facebook can’t launch anything aside from its own service. The company is trying something new today, and we’ll admit this does drive some extra skepticism.

Facebook “Rooms” is a new service that’s made by Facebook, but doesn’t really require you to be part of it. You don’t need a Facebook account to be part of it, nor even an email address, which reminds us of the old mIRC chatroom days. In a way that is the case, as you can create multiple chat rooms and make these either public or private, and within these share all the data that you want with others. To invite others to these rooms, a QR Code screen shot serves to get the job done.

It’s hard to predict if this service will be successful or not, but given all the buzz that the topic has received today, hopefully that is the case. At the moment it’s only available for iOS users in the US and UK, though we should expect an Android version to launch in early 2015. Leave your thoughts in the comments down bellow. Source: Facebook Via: TechCrunch

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