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Facebook returns to its college roots with the launch of Campus section for students

By Nadeem Sarwar September 10, 2020, 7:21 pm

We all are familiar with the story of how Facebook was originally created as a networking space for fellow students while Mark Zuckerberg was in his college years at Harvard. Facebook has since grown exponentially and now has over 2 billion monthly active users, connecting people from all across the world. Today, the company has launched Campus, a dedicated space in the main Facebook app for college students – marking a return to its roots and where it all began for the social media giant. Facebook says Campus is a “college-only space designed to help students connect with fellow classmates over shared interests.”


A Campus profile will be separate from users’ Facebook profile, and all content shared on Campus can only be viewed by other Campus members, and not regular Facebook users. In order to create a Campus profile, students will need to provide academic details such as their college email and graduation year. They can also choose to add additional details to their Campus profile such as major/minor subjects, classes and hometown. Campus will help students find Groups and Events related to their school, connect with colleagues and collaborate with them. 

Facebook says Campus will have its own News Feed where students can get updates from classmates and groups, and find about events happening in their college. Additionally, details about study groups, virtual concerts and mentoring from other college students can be sought on Groups. Campus also features its own directory of classmates that will make it easier to find folks who are in the same class, major or minor. Plus, there will also be real-time chatrooms called Campus Chats where students will be able to create groups for their clubs or dorms. 

The rollout of Campus has already begun for a handful of colleges in the US that include the California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania to name a few. However, Facebook has not revealed whether Campus will be expanded to college students in more countries in the future. 


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